Oracle e-Business Suite

Provisioning and migration

eBS 12.2.8 vision demo provisioning on OCI
eBS 12.2 lift and shift to OCI
eBS Cross-platform migration from on Premise to OCI with transportable tablespaces

eBS common issues with
eBS VM post installation steps on OCI


eBS R12.1.3/11gR2 DR/standby
Running autoconfig on standby apps tier on eBS R12.1.3
Running autoconfig on standby db tier on eBS R12.1.3
eBS R12.1.3 Switchover to standby
eBS R12.1.3 middle-tier synchronization on DR
How to create cluster database services



Setting up a compute VM for eBS middle tier
32bits VM provisioning for eBS 11i
Provisioning an eBS delivery template as a custom image
Setting up automatically the eBS provisioning tool on oci
Setting up manually the eBS provisioning tool on oci


Setting up the eBS provisioning tool on oci-c
Database provisioning on oci-c
Multi node provisioning using the cloud admin tool on oci-c


ORA-1017 in EBSDataSourceStartup
Browser compatibility with eBS 11i
FRM-92095 Oracle Jinitiator version too low
eBS 12.2: autoconfig error CLONE-20372
Reverse proxy setup
aolJTest URL
Generating custom libraries
Enabling forms runtime diagnostics trace (FRD)
ORA-01422 in system.ad_ddl line 2280 (11i)
Where to download old JDK and JRE
How to generate a source file from a rdf file
eBS adop