Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


Setting up the firewall on OCI VMs
Provisioning and boot volume resize
X Display setup prereq for orainstaller
PSM and OCI subnet policies
PSM Install on OL6x
How to prevent the opc (or other) account to expire
OL7 and default cron shell
OCI: Configuring local RAID filesystems on a BM.DenseIO2.52 shape
OCI: How to extend a block storage
OCI: How to download software with wget
OCI: How to create the oracle users
OCI-c: How to install docker on OL6
OCI-c: Corente Setup on compute
OCI: RestAPI server certificate
OCI: setup a squid proxy server

Terraform, Chef and Ansible

Terraform: How to upgrade the oci provider
Chef and Apache co-existency
Ansible setup on OL6.9
Chef install on OCI-c


OCCS: Reset the admin password on Container Cloud Services
OCCS: Moving a PDB from OCCS to DBCS
Devcs storage configuration
SOAcs storage scale up psm-lcm-06102 errors

E-Business suite

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